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4 Tips to Help Children Deal with Pet Loss

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Losing a pet can be one of the most heartbreaking and tragic things for the entire family. And, for children, the agony of losing a pet can be beyond our imagination. As children have rarely witnessed pet cremation, it becomes imperative to help them overcome the loss. It is not uncommon for children to struggle to overcome the loss of a pet. You need to extend your crucial support during this sad phase of their life; reassuring them that they are not alone.

Given below are some vital tips that will help your child cope with the loss of their pet: 

1. Acknowledge the emotions of your child:

Different people have different ways of grieving to cope with dog cremation. We develop huge affection with pets over a period of time and start considering them as integral members of our family. The affection between a child and a pet cannot be explained with words. It is way too strong to be broken by death. When a pet passes, children find it hard to come to terms with the fact that the pet will never come back. During this stage, you must allow them to let their emotions out. Listen to your child with complete patience. 

2. Empathise:

Children often seek inputs from various sources. Parents and caregivers exert maximum influence on children in how they deal with various phases in their lives. One effective way of assisting your child in handling cat cremation is by sharing your feelings and emotions. It will give them a strong message that others are also going through the same pain. And, they will build the courage to speak with you in raw form. 

3. Discuss the truth of death in accordance with age:

As children grow they begin to understand the reality of death. You may talk to them in accordance with their age if they ask you questions about death. Ensure you don’t lie to them, if they are really young just tell them they have gone to a better place. 

4. Memorialise their furry friend:

Drawing or writing about their beloved pet can really help in alleviating the pain to a greater extent. You can create a beautiful tribute by putting together some videos or a collage of pet’s pictures.  


A child’s pain is difficult to comprehend when they attend pet memorials. The pain of losing a pet is excruciating for the entire family. But, it becomes even more for a child. As children develop strong bonds with their pets, it becomes hard for them to overcome the loss. As a parent, you can help them deal with the loss with the help of the above four tips.

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