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5 Tips to keep your Dog Healthy and Living for Longer

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While we all want our pets to live longer, we can sometimes disregard the things that help them to do so. As owners, we have a responsibility to ensure our pets maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. There are simple steps you can take to increase your pets’ lifespan and avoid pet cremation for a little longer, in this article we’ll discuss five of them.


  1. Diet


Making sure you feed your dog a diet of well-balanced, high-quality dog food will ensure their tummies are happy. Avoid nasty filler ingredients that can have negative effects on your dogs’ health such as corn, corn syrup and animal by-products. Similarly, ensure your “treats” are healthy, it can be easy to opt for unhealthy treats, but they can harm your dog. A healthy diet ensures that they’re receiving all of the important vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy organs, bones and their coat as well.


  1. Human Food


Sometimes we just want to treat our pets to food that we love! It’s almost like you enjoy something so much that you want your furry friend to experience the same joy. However, this is extremely damaging to their health. Every now and then it is okay to treat your pooch to some pasta for instance, but only very rarely. In particular, watch out for grapes, chocolates, avocados, yeast, alcohol, onions, garlic, raisins, nuts and chives as they are all toxic foods for dogs.


  1. Maintain your Dogs Weight


Whether you can fit your pooch on the scales at home or you tend to weigh them at the vet, it is important that you’re monitoring a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is typically done most easily by consistency; consistency in their food portions and a regular exercise routine.


  1. Exercise

It almost seems too obvious to point out, but maintaining a regular exercise routine is crucial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, exercise increases blood flow and assists in keeping your pet lean. However, exercise can also decrease naughty behaviour, such as chewing and consuming damaging objects. Additionally, much like humans, exercise can improve your pets‘ mental health.


  1. Grooming

The final tip, but most certainly not the least important, is grooming. Grooming your dog is a vital step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for them. Such routine activities as brushing teeth, checking and cleaning ears, checking fur for ticks and parasites and brushing and trimming their fur regularly are all crucial in maintaining your dogs health.


While it might seem overwhelming to maintain a variety of regular routines for your pets health, it is extremely important and will leave them happier inside and out.

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