5 Tips to Stop your Cat from Demand-Meowing

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There comes a point when you might realise your cat is meowing for a little more than just a chat…

It’s hard to know though, what your cat is ever really meowing for. But you will definitely recognise when they are meowing for food.


Signs your Cat is Meowing for Food: 

  • When they meow, they run to their food bowl/where they know their food is kept.
  • When they meow, they don’t stop until you feed them.
  • They meow and sit next to their bowl and look down to their bowl.


It’s okay to feel frustrated and annoyed, especially if you try your best to ignore your cat when they are making demands, but they still won’t give in. However, even though it is difficult, it is advised that you try your best to ignore them and avoid feeding them every time they meow. Overweight cats do have a much shorter lifespan and don’t have as much quality of life as healthy cats. Ensure you are avoiding Pet Cremation at Pets at Rest QLD for as long as possible.


How to Stop you Cat from demand-meowing:

  • As discussed above, even though it is tricky, try your best not to give into their demands. Also try to enjoy their meows and think of it as them trying to have a chat with you.
  • Hide their food, and their food bowl when it’s empty. Hiding their food and their food bowl will at first lead them to feel a little confused, and they might continue meowing. But after a while, they will realise that they have no control over their meal times and only you will feed them when you want to.
  • Get into a routine! Feeding your cat at random times throughout the day and night gives them the impression that you will feed them whenever. However, if you only feed them once in the morning and once in the night or similar, they will accept that there are only specific times that they are fed.
  • Only feed your cat when they aren’t meowing. When your cat isn’t paying attention, and isn’t meowing, fill their bowl. This impresses upon them that you will only feed them when they don’t meow. Slowly but surely, they will stop meowing or food, as they learn they will only bed fed if they aren’t meowing.
  • Invest in an automatic feeder! This could be the quickest and easiest solution to your problem as your cat will slowly learn you know longer control their meal times. Ensure that you fill the automatic feeder when they aren’t around so that they still remain sure you aren’t controlling their food.

Now that you have the perfect tips to help your cat stop demand-meowing, you can enjoy your furry friend without any frustrations or anger.


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