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6 Warning Signs That You Have a Sick Dog

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A large number of families own dogs in Australia. Children absolutely love having pets, and can become compassionate, responsible, and loving in the company of a dog. So, it is especially upsetting when our pets get sick. The below signs will be helpful in determining whether your dog could be unwell. Many families cannot cope with the thought of dog cremation and rightly so. So, pay attention to the tips in this blog so that you can look out for the signs and symptoms of a sick dog.

Here are the 6 warning signs that your dog is unwell:

1. Poor Appetite:

If you spot your dog skipping meals, something is usually not right. Pet owners know what is and what isn’t normal for their dog, so when their eating habits change this could be one of the first signs that your pup is under the weather.

2. Thirst:

If your furry friend begins drinking an abnormal amount of water, this could be a worry. It could indicate that your pet may have developed diabetes or kidney issues. If you spot your pet urinating often, it also implies that he could be silently struggling.

3. Rough Coat:

A dogs’ coat should appear soft, thick, and shiny. If you find their coat to be dull, rough or dry, you must observe the situation closely. If you notice any hairless patches, you should plan a visit to a vet. Hairless patches can be an indication that your pet is suffering from skin issues or allergies. So, avoid dog funeral and visit the vet to check out the situation.

4. Low Energy Level:

If you find your dog low on energy and tired, it may be a sign that they are not well. If they do not show any interest in exercise or playing, it is ideal to book an appointment with your vet.

5. Upset Stomach:

If your pet is vomiting at a regular interval or has developed a fever, contact your veterinarian at the earliest possible availability. Excessive vomiting may cause dehydration or diarrhoea.

6. Odd Stools:

Your pet’s stool is an important indication of his overall wellness. If your pet is healthy, his stool will be solid and moist. Meanwhile, a sick pet may have hard stool which is caused by dehydration or diet-related issues. If you spot blood, mucus, worms in your dog’s stool, call your vet immediately.


Dog owners must be extra vigilant if they notice any of the above signs and take immediate action. With early diagnosis, the vet has a better chance of helping your pet without any difficulty. Many families do not recover for a long time after cremating a dog, so take adequate care of your pet to ensure a long and healthy life.

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