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Burial vs. Cremation: Deciding What’s Right for You

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Death or loss of a pet is the worst situation that an owner faces. Further, the death of a pet leads into a painful decision, trying to decide between a burial pet or availing pet cremation services to pay the last tribute to your pet. The loss is difficult to deal with and can leave the owner in an anxious state of handling the remains. Finalizing the disposal method between the two entirely depends on the preference of the owner.

Read further to learn about the difference between the two:

·     Pet Burial:

Many people consider pet burial over pet cremation as it is the more conventional tradition after death. A burial is paying tribute to your pet. Burial means you can have your pet remains buried deep below the earth and are left undisturbed for the body to decompose in its own natural way. The burial process allows you to stay at peace. However, a cemetery burial may prove to be a bit costly.

·     Cremation:

If you consider retaining the remains of your pet, but you do not want to bury him/her, then it is better to opt for cremation for pets. It is also an economical option to consider. In this case, your pet is cremated into ashes, and their remains are handed over to you, the owner. This can give you the advantage of keeping your pet at home even after their demise. You can consider keeping their ashes in a jar or any other container to store the remains. Some owners prefer to scatter the ashes somewhere meaningful, perhaps in their backyard or in a lake.

Bottom Line:

Ultimately the decision is completely up to the owner. Each option has their pros and cons however overall pet cremation cost is far more manageable and efficient. At the end of the day however, making the selection between cremation and burial entirely depends on the preference of the owner.

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