Help the RSPCA and Pets at Rest by Giving Back

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The months of December and January are periods of time when people realise more than ever the importance of giving back. They donate their time, money, and even tinned goods to various charities. The RSPCA and Pets at Rest doesn’t need tinned spaghetti, but there’s other ways you can help our cause.


  • Donate

Pets at Rest is owned by the RSPCA and runs off the charity of others. Donations are used to maintain our pet cremation service alongside the animal shelter Wacol. This generosity allows us to continue and improve on our day-to-day operations.

We host a variety of events each year that provide us with vital funds. They include:

  • The Million Paws Walk
  • Cupcake Day
  • Adopt-out days


The RSPCA is a non-profit organisation, so we rely heavily on the generosity of the wonderful people who volunteer for us.

Volunteering doesn’t always include working with the animals in our care, though it’s definitely a perk of the job. Animal volunteers work out at our Wacol shelter. They maintain the facilities, wash and walk the animals as well as providing them with general companionship.

Other volunteer roles cover tasks across the board, from admin to ambulance driving and creative roles. Pets at Rest is staffed by people experienced in pet cremation and counselling, hence the lack of volunteer positions.


  • Foster an animal

In a similar way to adults fostering in-need children, everyday Australians register to foster animals in their homes. There’s a variety of circumstances for why animals require foster care. Some of them aren’t coping well with the kennel environment. Others are just ‘legacy stays’ because their owner is in hospital or has passed away.

Anyone can foster, but preference is given to those who can take on mid-sized and larger dogs, and who have  no children or pets of their own. Once someone registers interest, they must fill out the required forms, attend training, and undergo an inspection to make sure their home is fit for foster care.




  • Shop mindfully

World for Pets is another subsidiary of the RSPCA, with all proceeds going back to the animals in our care. World for Pets stocks food, toys, and other necessities for the animal in your life. Whether it’s a dog, a bird, or even a lizard you can pick up the essentials here.

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