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How to Support Children with Pet Loss Grief

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During the difficult time of losing a pet, the best thing for your child is sensitivity, support, and encouragement.

It’s easy to be preoccupied, or unaware of your child’s emotions and not handle their emotions appropriately. Some parents try to shield their children from the pain of loss. However, it is best to be honest, and supportive. Conducting cremation for pets can help your children to hold onto their beloved pet forever.

Ways to Let Your Child Grieve

Children aren’t totally familiar with the concept of death at such a young age and thus the introduction of this phenomena calls for guidance and care.

Following are some steps or ways to allow your child/children to accept their pet’s passing away:

  • Several parents explain this morbid concept in a way of embracing it. They explain ‘death’ as an end-of-life celebration. This step is important and healthy as it allows your child to have a fearless ideology towards death.
  • As a parent you can encourage participation from your children in such decisions as burial, pet memorials, spreading of ashes and planning a funeral service. This will allow your child to become more familiar with death and the traditional aftermath happenings. This will also allow your child to celebrate and honour their bond with their pets.
  • Parents should also support their child by letting them pay tribute, in the form of a eulogy, to their beloved pets in their pet cremation ceremony.
  • Pet funeral services are not the only way to inculcate the spirit of end-of-life celebrations in your child. Parents can pick from a plethora of services to honour their deceased pet. For instance:
    • A pet memorial is a great option as it doesn’t contain the remains of the pet which can be easy for the child to bear.
    • Pet remembrances are another way to yearly have your child remember and celebrate the relationship he/she shared with the pet.

Why Are Cremation for Pets So Beneficial?

Conducting a light-hearted ceremony to commemorate your child’s beloved pet has many benefits for your child’s emotional well-being. These are as follows:

  • Accepting the reality that their beloved pet is no longer a part of their lives;
  • An opportunity for closure;
  • A space where they share their thoughts openly, making them more vocal about their feelings, and;
  • A way to acknowledge their pet’s presence in their lives and the incredible impact it had on their emotional well-being.


Such stages of their lives are extremely critical, and they mustn’t have any unresolved feelings. Children might get spooked at the idea of death. Thus the concept must be explained in such a way that a child starts to accept it as a part of reality.

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