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Pets Grieve Too

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When a pet passes, it can be heartbreaking, but not just for the owner. If you have more than one pet, the loss of one can really affect the other – especially if they are brother sister, lovers or close friends. Pets that live together, especially if it’s for most of their lives, become extremely close. So, when one passes away, this can cause sadness for the other/s.

A whopping 63% of Australian households have one or more pet, but as an owner it is important to notice the signs of a grieving pet. While, it is important to notice the signs, it is also important to know that not all pets exhibit signs of grieving at all, so in that case it is equally as important to be there for them and show them lots of love.

Signs your Pet is Grieving:

  • Searching the house/property for something, constantly roaming around in search of their friend. In particular, they will tend to search around the deceased pets’ favourite places, or usual hang-out spots.
  • Shift in appetite, possibly eating more than usual or less than usual.
  • Personality changes. It could be any personality change at all, anything is possible here.
  • Taking on behaviours of the deceased pet. For example, sleeping in their bed or playing with their toys etc.

How to Help your Grieving Pet: 

  • Keep a Close Eye on them:
    Most importantly, keeping an eye on your grieving pet is crucial. You need to be aware of their behaviours and possible personality changes. If you suspect your pet is depressed, is might be worth a trip to the vet.
  • Daily Routine is Key:
    Provided that you have some sort of routine with your pet, keep it consistent. If you don’t have a routine, now might be the time to start. Now, when we say routine, we don’t mean hour by hour daily schedule. Your routine might simply be sticking to meal times, daily walks and play time. Now, more than ever, your pet really needs a stable, calm and consistent environment. Anymore sudden shocks or changes in their routine might be too much to take.
  • Lots of Love:
    Possibly the most important of all, showing lots of love is really important. They have lost a friend and so now they really need to know that they still have love and affection in their life to rely on.


For owners and animals, grief can be really disheartening. And, it can also be completely different for everyone. So, knowing how to help your pet through this tough time, is crucial for both yours and their mental health. Helping your pet heal, might just help you to heal as well.

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