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Pets Grieving the Loss of Other Pets

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It is of no surprise that animals have emotions too. After the death of your pet, other pets in the house get affected. Pet funeral is daunting. Humans experience grief since they are attached to their cute little furry members for a long time. The feeling of sorrow surrounds them. Pets feel the same. Even they miss their partner-in-crime. They are not only attached to their owner, but also with other pet members in the house. 

This is not an unusual thing since the loss of any pet member in the family affects the mind and everyday lives of other members too. That’s inevitable. Still, you can minimise the effect of it by keeping in mind these basic things-

1. Keep the activities consistent

After your dog’s funeral, you tend to miss out on your daily lives such as going out for a walk, playing with your pet or even their grooming. Even though you too are grieving, you should keep your everyday life consistent since your other pet needs as much attention and happiness as he can possibly get. 

2. Watch their actions

After the traumatic incident, keep an eye on other pet members in your family. Watch their actions – loss of appetite, hair loss, signs of distress and personality changes. Some of the common grieving signs in pets are:

  • Crying in cats, whining in dogs
  • Searching for the lost pet, suddenly pacing
  • Hiding from other family members
  • Acting despondent

If any of these actions remain constant for a week, consult a vet. 

3. Stay positive

After the loss of your pet, try to be calm and positive. Don’t let the negative vibes surround you and your surviving pet. Negativity may worsen the situation in your house. Talk to your pets in a calm and soothing voice. Never show anger or frustration as they may react unusually. While your dogs are whining or your cats are crying, patting them gently can help. Feed them their favorite food and give them assurance. 

During this difficult phase of your life, don’t ignore cremation for pets. Know well in advance about pet cremation costs and make sure you don’t end up paying higher than affordable Pets at Rest QLD prices.

4. Give them attention

Pets often have the senses to understand the significance of the loss of a furry member. They can sense the grief spreading in the house and they are extremely sensitive to human sorrow. Dogs, in particular, see the other pet and his owner as a family unit and understand their roles. They may want more attention than usual. Make sure you cuddle your other pet/s often, treat them kindly and do not ignore him.


Apart from helping yourself and your pets, pets cremation is also important to consider during this tough time. Check out our services and explore our range of exquisite keepsakes. We provide door to door personalised services and access to fully trained staff, who provide comfort during such difficult times.

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