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Pet cremation is a confronting business to those who aren’t familiar with it. Pets at Rest Queensland, though, is well versed in the process. We’ve comforted many grieving families and pet owners. We’ve gone to their homes, answered their questions, and provided help in a time of need. We list some of the most frequently asked questions below.


How can I be sure it’s my pet’s ashes?

Because we guarantee individual cremation. There’s plenty of horror stories swirling around on the internet about owners finding out they received the wrong ashes and how it compounded the trauma of losing their companion.

We guarantee your beloved pet will be placed in an individual receptacle for a dignified cremation.


Where does my money go?

Pets at Rest Queensland is owned and operated by the RSPCA. 100% of our profits goes towards the upkeep of our shelters and tending to the animals in our care.


Do you cremate large animals?

Unfortunately, there’s a limit on what we can do. Pets at Rest Queensland can’t cremate large animals, such as horses and ponies. A standard pet cremation is for an animal under 100kg.


What are your hours?

We don’t like being unavailable when our customers need us most, and that’s why our call centre is open 24/7. Dial 1300 543 543 when you need our services.

Our regular office hours are 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we’re open 9am – 4pm. Sunday callouts are available for an extra fee.


I can’t pay the fee in full. What options do I have?

Money is one of the last things you want to worry about during this difficult time. Customers have various ways they can pay for cremation services. Payments can be made online. You can pay now in full or on a payment plan using your credit card.This way customers can pay off the full cost over several months. Cash payments are available on request.


How do you pick up my pet?

The Pets at Rest team is associated with vets  around Brisbane. Just click on ‘Find a Vet’ in our menu to see who they are.

Our door to door personalised service is available to vet clinics and private residences.


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