The Stages of Grief after Losing a Pet

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Pets hold a special place in our lives and in our houses. They are no less than a family member. If you have ever had a pet, you understand how close to the heart, pets can be. The mere thought of losing a pet is disheartening. But, life is a cycle and sooner or later we have to accept the fact that no one around us will live forever. When a person loses a pet, he/she goes through a lot of pain and suffering.

Below are a few stages that an individual might experience:


The first stage that may be experienced by a pet owner is denial. This is the stage where it seems unrealistic that ones’ pet has actually passed. What’s important is that you let your emotions out and express whatever you are feeling. If you choose pet cremation services for your pet, this might help you to accept what has happened.


The pools of emotions developing inside you might even turn into anger. You’ll start questioning yourself and start rethinking what happened. It might appear that you could’ve done something to save your pet or even that you could have prevented it from happening. It is very normal to experience this anger and guilt.


With so much going on in your mind, it isn’t surprising for a person to experience depressive thoughts. The pet funeral in particular can be extremely overwhelming for the pet owner. Feelings of sadness and sorrow can fill ones’ heart and it isn’t pleasant. With time however, things will slowly improve


Acceptance is typically the final stage of grief. Once you can accept the unfortunate facts, you will start feeling better. The term acceptance, however, doesn’t mean forgetting. It represents the fact that you have accepted the emotions within you. This is where you can decide whether you want to adopt another pet or not.


Every individual has a different way of coping with grief. The above-mentioned stages are generalised behaviour examples. Many people conduct cremation for pets to pay them the respect and love they deserve. Whatever you choose to do with your pet, always remember that you are not alone, and you’ll get through this.

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