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Thinking of Welcoming a Second Cat into your Household? This is what You Need to Consider

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Cats are gorgeous, playful, challenging and often affectionate pets to have. However, at the same time, they can be extremely territorial and aggressive towards other cats. Therefore, having two cats in one household can be tricky. Nevertheless, there are many households with more than one cat, so this article will explain how the best way is to go about welcoming a new, additional cat into your household.


The main thing to remember when welcoming a new cat is to ensure you keep them inside, safe for a minimum of a week. In fact, the best way to do it is to give them a special room all to themselves. In this room, include comfy chairs, maybe some play toys/towers, litter box, food and water bowls, windows and ledges with a view (if possible). Every now and then throughout the week, let them out into the rest of the house – but not outside. See how they interact with the other cat and go from there (determine how long they need to be in this room alone for). Ensure you that monitor their encounters for the first few weeks as they could get aggressive.


The next step throughout this week or few weeks of them living in their own room, is to begin feeding both two cats on different sides of the same door. Then slowly begin feeding them closer and closer until they are right next to each other. This gets them more and more accustomed to being near each other and enjoying meal time together (which is of course one their favourite times).


While most of this article so far has been about avoiding them fighting, it is important to accept that they’re probably going to fight. If they do fight, throw a towel over them or make a loud noise to separate them. Then, lure the new cat back to his space. It is also important not to hold either of the cats in your arms during the first few weeks of the new comer as you don’t want to show any favouritism.


Hopefully this article has given you some important tips to help when welcoming a new cat into your home. The biggest part of this, is your level of patience and understanding. It is important to be empathetic towards the situation and how difficult it would be for the new cat to be in a new, strange and unfamiliar home with another cat as well.

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