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What Are Ashes – how does it work?

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The bond between humans and animals is special. Pets have played an integral role in our lives since the beginning of time. They are nothing less than a family member. And, when this important family member bids us adieu forever, the loss is painful. It becomes one of the hardest things for the entire family to visit the dog cemetery. But, do not lose your heart. You have got a tangible way of remembering your furry friend. In this method, you get the option of keeping your pet in a lovely urn within your home. You can also place the ashes within a necklace or teddy bear. And, you get the option of dividing the ash between family, friends or spreading them at a special place.

Here are some vital facts about pet ashes: 

What is pets’ ash?

We often have questions about ashes, and what they are. The fact is there is barely any difference between human ashes and a pet ashes. The body of your four-legged friend is a composition of three important elements i.e. carbon, bone, and water. When the lifeless body of your beloved pet is placed inside crematory, the powerful temperature instantly vaporizes all these elements. It is done through oxidation. The process leads to the evaporation of the available water content from the pet’s body. Water and bodily gases get discharged via an exhaust system sparing bone parts in the chamber. The expert cremator collects the bone fragments and turns them into dense sand through a special machine. It is called pets’ ash or cremains. The expert will also provide you details of dog cremation cost.

Medical implants or foreign material:

What will happen to medical implants like screws or titanium plates after your pets’ cremation process is over? The medical implants do not get damaged by the cremation process. These implants can be collected from the ashes and handed over to you by experts. Some pet cremation services prefer to label all the foreign elements, along with names and dates. They will be kept for some time after the cremation process has taken place. Upon the request of the client or pet owner, these items are duly returned with the ashes.


When you place your canine’s ashes in your necklace or around your garden, you will continue to feel their beautiful presence. It will help in alleviating the pain that their death has caused. And, when you spread your pets ashes in a special place, you can always remember them by visiting that place. Many pet lovers do it to overcome the loss of their pet friend. Cremation of dogs is painful but when you keep their ash around in a creative manner, the pain gets minimised.

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