how to explain pet cremation to your children

How to Explain Pet Cremation to Your Children

Dealing with loss Pet cremation

Pet Cremation can be a difficult thing for any of us to wrap our heads around, however, this is especially true for children. Cremating a pet is a difficult experience and can put strain on your family. Therefore, it’s important to know how to deal with it before it presents itself, especially for your children’ sakes because if you wait to deal with it at the time, it might put too much pressure on you as a parent.

Prepare Yourself:
As a parent it is important to prepare yourself for the loss of your pet and think about how you will have to deal with it and the best ways to help your children through it. While it can be difficult to imagine prior to the actual event, simple thought processes can assist you at the time.

Don’t Lie:
While this completely depends upon the age of your children, and will differ accordingly, it’s important not to lie about your pets’ death. Ensuring you’re honest and you tell them that were unfortunately just too old or too sick and had to pass away. Lying about their death will just prolong the grieving process and create confusion.

Regarding cremation, if your child is too young to either understand or cope with the concept of cremation, you can just simply say that when they died, they turned into fairy dog dust so that you could keep their spirit forever.

While your child might seem to be okay it is important to be there for them, offer distractions and shift their attention away from their pet.

New Pets:
While the idea of a new pet is exciting and can help to move on from the death of their last pet, it is critical to allow time in-between for your children to properly grieve and accept the current situation.

When a pet dies, it can cause severe heart ache, but if you have children it is important to monitor them and their behaviour in case they need extra attention and assistance. Offering your children distractions and fun family activities directly after the death of a pet is also key to easing their heart break.

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