Why the Loss of a Pet can be as Painful as Losing a Relative?

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The worst fear of a pet owner is losing his/her pet. Losing a beloved companion can be a comprehensive loss for someone close to their pets. The intense pain and the loss one feels when they lose their pet is comparable to losing a relative or friend. Just like one creates a memorial for their loved ones, one may think of building pet memorials as well.

How People Cope with this Situation?

Every pet owner goes through this critical phase in a distinctive way, and there is no accurate way to mourn and work through this process. However, there are various stages of grief. During this particular phase of life, a pet owner may ask themselves several questions. A pet owner may wonder “Where is the best dog cremation near me?” and the hunt for building a memorial may start.

Stages of Grief:

Pets remain close to their owners. Thus cremating a pet can be really painful for the owner and their families. Here are the stages which the pet owners go through after the loss of their pet:

  • Denial: This is the normal part of the grieving process. A pet owner should never deny their sadness or grief. Expressing your feelings about the loss of your pet can make you feel a little better and help you cope up with the situation in a positive manner. It can be a cathartic approach to healing.
  • Anger: This is a normal stage of grieving; getting angry during this situation is natural. Several things may go through your mind during this time and you may always feel like asking “Why” and “How” your pet died.
  • Depression: Depression is the third stage of this period. It is considered as the longest stage as per the Kubler-Ross model. No matter how much time may pass, people are likely to hold that special place in their heart for their pet. It is like a never-ending sadness in their heart.
  • Acceptance: This is the final stage of this pet-loss period. But acceptance generally does not mean forgetting the memories. You may feel like you are back on track and your life may seem normal again, but you will still have sad days every now and then – which is totally normal.


Losing a pet can be a painful time in one’s life. In fact, it can be just like losing someone who is dear and near in one’s life. Only someone who has practically been through this situation can understand and acknowledge this fact.

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