5 amazing pet stories that prove dog/cat/bird is man’s best friend (or not so much)

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You can’t imagine living without your pet. Your pet can’t imagine living without you. We’ve gathered some stories from around the web ranging from the amazing to the downright hilarious. They prove that loyalty and love knows no boundaries (literally).


Capitan the German Shepherd Stands Guard by The Daily Mail

The master dies but the companion’s loyalty lives on. Miguel Guzman passed away in 2006 and Capitan promptly went missing after the burial. He was located next to Miguel’s grave…in spite of Mrs. Guzman’s claims that the dog had never been to the cemetery before. Over ten years later the German Shepherd still stands guard despite being old and nearly blind.

Stories of your furry best friends by Bestfriends.org

This American animal rescue asked for any heartwarming stories about their companions. The public didn’t disappoint!

The Hummingbird and the German Shepherd that saved her life by People Magazine

Both Rex the dog and Hummer the bird had it rough. Rex was abandoned, Hummer fell out of her nest. Rex found the injured hummingbird and his owner Ed nursed her back from near-death. Hummer stayed after recovering and rarely leaves Rex’s side. It sounds like something from a Disney fairytale!

Any of these 24 Embarrassing Pet Tales from Buzzfeed

Your pet is your best friend. And like all best friends, they have the capacity to embarrass you beyond belief. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we will say it’s rip-roaring funny.

Therapy dog’s loyalty reaches new heights by the Daily Mail

Yes, really. Dan McManus lives with bipolar disorder and has debilitating panic attacks. It was a problem until he found Shadow, his therapy dog, and a love for hang gliding. Shadow didn’t like his master leaving him behind, so Dan made a custom harness especially for his furry friend. Now Shadow literally goes anywhere with Dan, land or sky.

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