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Choosing the Right Pet Cremation Option

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We all love our pets unconditionally. Whether your pet is a faithful dog, a sneaky cat, a tiny hamster, a cute rabbit or a beautiful bird, the love for our pets remains the same. It’s heartbreaking when our close to heart creature leaves us forever. That’s why choosing the right pet cremation option is something we need, in order to preserve the memories and love forever.

Services to Choose Right Pet Cremation Option

(Each of the options are individual and include door to door service)

·      My Friend:

This option includes ashes in a scatter tube and a pet cremation certificate.

·      Always with Me:

Always with Me, is humble for cat cremation. It contains the ashes in a silhouette cat urn, as well as a cremation certificate and a candle

·      By my Side:

This option provides pet ashes in a cosy cat urn, a cremation certificate and a candle.

·      Peaceful Tribute

Peaceful Tribute provides pet ashes inside a special memorial photo box, with a beautiful photo frame as well. Remembrance candle and cremation certificate are also included.

·      In Loving Memory

This option includes a scatter tube, an oak heart to store the ashes after pet cremation and a candle.

·      My Beloved Friend

My Beloved Friend includes a princess cat urn to store ashes, a certificate and a candle.

·      Loved Forever

This option is humble for dog cremation as it contains pet ashes in a pearlescent heart as well as a candle.

·      Forever with You

Forever with You is a personalised option, it contains: a memorial box or a wooden casket which can store your pet’s ashes, a certificate, a remembrance candle and incense.

Losing your pet is heartbreaking, it’s just like losing a family member. But the bond with your pet doesn’t have to be forgotten or broken. We all want to hold onto our loving pet’s memories. Choosing these services allows you to preserve your pet’s memories after pet cremation.



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