When Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Dies?

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Losing your companion is never easy. We are often filled with feelings of grief, irritation, and loneliness after the loss of a pet. These kinds of feelings may affect our decision-making power. Some dog owners struggle with the thought of getting another dog after their dog dies. The question is, how long should one wait to get a new companion? Well, it’s never the right time to share your love again until you move on in your life.

For some people, it’s not possible to survive without their dogs, so within a week or so they get another dog. But for some, it’s way too much to bear the pain of cremate dog and move on with another one. It takes years for them. Depending on your bond with your pet, and what type of person you are, the decision will differ. Below are some of the tips to help you when deciding when you should welcome another pet into your life:

1. Take Some Time:

After your dog funeral, take some time to explore your feelings. You may feel angry or sad, but that’s okay. Give yourself some time to feel over every feeling of grief first. Once you feel a little better, only then think of a new dog. If you try to welcome another dog in a hurry, you might end up regretting it later. Overall, it’s important to process all your emotions first.

2. Think About New Responsibilities:

Once you welcome another dog into your life, it will come with another set of responsibilities too. The new dog will require training, grooming, and many other things including financial responsibilities. Decide whether you are ready to fulfill all these responsibilities after your previous dog cremation. It will take a fair amount of time for your new companion to adjust to you and your family.

3. Consider the Opinions of your Family Members:

Always ask the opinions of your family members before arriving at a decision. They should also be ready to welcome the new member into your house. They should welcome the new dog wholeheartedly. Consider asking them about a new pet. If they have not yet moved on from the thought of a previous dog funeral, it’s not wise to purchase dog.

4. Avoid Comparison:

Never compare pets to one another. If you have finally decided to get another dog, don’t compare them to your previous dogs. Some people think of getting a dog that resembles their previous dog or has some of his qualities. Some people choose to bring a dog which is completely different so that it doesn’t remind them of their previous dog. Whatever you do, don’t compare.

Even though everyone is different, and people all need different amounts of time to grieve. After going through all of these tips, we hope you know when to bring another dog.

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