Saying goodbye,
in the most
memorable way

Keep the memory of your beloved pet close to your heart. RSPCA Pets at Rest cremation services has a range of beautiful memorial keepsakes available. Simply select your pet cremation service, provide your details and we’ll lovingly carry out your requests.

You and your pet
are in good hands

RSPCA Pets at Rest understands how painful losing a beloved pet can be. At every step of this journey, our dedicated and empathetic staff will make sure you and your family are provided with ongoing personalised support, ensuring you can be at peace with the mortuary care of your pet.

RSPCA Pets at Rest provide mortuary care for your pet
pet cremation packages to suit your needs

Remember your pet
in your unique way

We understand that there are many ways to
remember your beloved pets, so we have created a variety of pet cremation packages to suit your needs and to ensure the memory of your cherished pet lives on.

All profits go to
RSPCA Queensland

100% of RSPCA Pets at Rest profits go toward RSPCA Queensland to help over 50,000 animals in need every year. When you choose RSPCA Pets at Rest, your pet’s memory will continue to live on in other animals being cared for and are waiting for new homes.

RSPCA Pets at Rest donates 100% profits to RSPCA Queensland