Your pet has passed away at home, what are your options now?

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Losing a pet can catch us off guard. Even if you are prepared for the worst, the flood of emotions that quickly follow can truly surprise you. Losing a pet can be the equivalent of losing a family member or friend.

First it’s important you take as much time as you need to hold your pet and say your goodbyes. If you are on your own we recommend you calling someone to help and support you during this difficult time.

When you’re ready, think about where you want your pet to go. If your pet has been euthanised (sometimes performed by mobile vets so pets can pass away in the comfort of their own home) sadly, many councils will not allow you to bury your pet due to environmental impact on plants and potentially other animals. It’s best to check with your local council if this is the case for you.

If you would prefer your vet to collect the body, depending on the day and time, they may not be immediately available. If this is the avenue you are considering you may want to find out if your vet has an after hour’s number or what their procedure is in these situations.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a cremation for your pet, our team at Pets at Rest Qld can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 543 543. A staff member will visit your home for collection and offer personal support

The team at Pets at Rest Qld are experienced in providing care and support, we understand that sometimes you just need to share the joy your pet gave you in life with someone who cares – your pet will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Need a little more closure? Pets at Rest provide a variety of special mementos for you. From personalised oak heart containers to plaques, jewellery and keyrings. For your pet is unique and irreplaceable.

View the types of services offered and easy payment options here

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